How to Register


Application for Registration

Please complete the Horse Registration Form and post to the Registrar together with the applicable registration fees. Photos should be emailed as detailed below. All Applications for Registration must be accompanied by the DNA Form. Please allow 90 days for your registration to be processed. This is due to the delays involved in processing the DNA information. DNA requests are sent to Massey University. Once the Registrar has received your Horse Registration Form and has confirmed that the information is complete and accurate including DNA Form, Hairs, Photos and Fees you will be issued with a registration number. 

Photo Requirements 

Horses must be reasonably clean and mud free. Horses must be standing and not moving Photos must show ALL of the horse including the hooves and the ears, nose and tail Horses can be wearing a halter or bridle but nothing else. No ribbons, sashes, number holders, tail bags, covers, saddles or any other strapping is permitted. Clear photos must be provided. Photos must be able to be reproduced at least 10cm x 10cm size. Blurry or very crooked pictures will not be accepted Pictures must be emailed in .jpg or .jpeg format only. We do not accept .tiff, .giff or any other application specific alternative format. The email must clearly state the owner of the horse and the name of the horse in the subject line. The name of the horse must match what was stated on the Application for Registration. Emailed photos must be no larger than 500kb per photo. Photos must not include any other horses in the picture. This includes young stock who should be photographed without the dam in the photo. Three photos are required showing:- The left side of the horse The right side of the horse Front of the face with the forelock pulled back Photos must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DNA Requirements 

All horses to be registered with ASANZ must be DNA tested so that they can be parent verified. Imported horses accepted on the basis of proof of registration with an approved overseas registry will also be DNA tested so that their future progeny can be DNA verified to them. You will need to complete the DNA Form and provide hairs pulled from the mane or tail following the instructions on that form. The original copy of the DNA report will be forwarded back to you as the owner of the horse and the ASANZ will keep a copy. ASANZ uses Massey University for DNA testing.


The appropriate fees must be included with the Horse Registration Form. Please provide a cheque for the correct amount made out to ASANZ Inc. Please do not send us cash. The Registration Fee includes the DNA processing fee. Please refer to the Fees page for the correct fees.